Together we will find the ideal solution

Take a look at the most popular types of events for which we have suitable venues that are time-tested. Get inspired and rely on us to make sure your rental goes beautifully.
We can handle (almost) anything.

Business meeting or interview

Do you need a representative meeting room, even if only for an hour? You'll find them at a good price with us.

Workshop, seminar or training

We will provide professional space and full service. We can help you with promotion, preparation and refreshments to really impress your guests.

Large event for dozens of participants

Are you looking for a large space for a conference, corporate event, meeting, lecture, networking or even a press conference? You've come to the right place.

Celebrations and parties

Hosting a private party with friends or a lavish celebration of life? Parties are our favourite category and we'll make sure you and your guests will not want to go home.

Together we will figure it out

You are looking for an event venue, we are offering it. Email us, call us or fill in the form; it doesn't matter, we will dedicate ourselves to you with the same passion and commitment. Let's put together an event you'll remember with pleasure.


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Every weekday

from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.


Matěj Drábek

Náš šikovný evenťák, který udělá vše pro to, aby byl váš pronájem podle vašich představ.

Matěj Drábek

Our savvy event planner will go the extra mile to ensure your rental meets your every expectation.