Refreshments You Will Love

Our catering options are supplied by two local bistros and a popular restaurant. You can be sure that your food is always made of fresh, high-quality ingredients. Whichever coffee break you choose, you can look forward to a pleasant experience. You can order catering along with the space booking.

How it works

Choosethe right mix

You can combine the menu from our offer as you wish. We will happily provide you with non-vegetarian, vegetarian, and vegan dishes so that everyone can enjoy the meal.


We love to have everything prepared in time. Therefore, we do appreciate if you let us know about your choice at least 5 days before your event.

Alwaysin stock

Warm beverages and soft drinks are available in our self-service zone 24/7 so you will never be thirsty. What is more, we offer water for free.

Sweet snack

110 CZK per person

Savory snack

110 CZK per person

Combined snacks

180 CZK per person

Bowl of fruit

350 CZK per 1kg

Hot drinks only

40 CZK per person

Custom menu