Foreigners: a Startup Become an International Company With an Exclusive Offer

Make expats feel at home in a new country. This has been the motto of the Foreigners agency since the beginning. Back in 2009, two students from the University of Hradec Králové decided to negotiate the same conditions for expats renting an apartment in the Czech Republic as Czechs had. “The owners of flats took advantage of foreigners who didn’t know the Czech real estate market and they asked for ridiculous rents. We wanted to change it,” describe the founders of Foreigners, CFO Vojtěch Stehno and CEO Andrea Tkačuková, of the inception of their company.

At the beginning, the company gave a helping hand to foreigners with housing issues in only one city. Soon, the concept broadened and a new range of services were offered and the company expanded to different cities. From east Bohemia, Foreigners expanded to Prague, Brno (headquarters), Pilsen, Olomouc, Ostrava, and most recently to Bratislava, in neighboring Slovakia. Beyond accommodation, Foreigners makes the relocation and ongoing life of an expat smoother with many other services: from visas and employee cards, to health insurance, translations, consultations, and holding English-friendly events.

However, the agency still receives the most inquiries regarding flat searches. “About 75% of our clients ask for help with accommodation,” Vojtěch Stehno confirms. For that reason, the company has listed brand new projects in their apartment database (Brno only, so far). These new accommodation projects provide expats with unique, comfortable, and non-standard living arrangements that give them an opportunity to create and grow, no matter where they are from.

Domeq – modern accommodation in the Western European style

Domeq is one of these places, with the first residents moving in last November. It is a stylish accommodation house operated by Foreigners and built by the developers CTP. It is modelled on the style of student dormitories in West European countries and the building is located a stone’s throw away from the main train station in Brno.

Domeq is an ideal spot for professionals and students in the twenty-first century. It differs from typical rentals primarily in that there is the possibility to sign a contract for as short as one month. This brings a perfect solution not only to Erasmus students who stay in town for a semester or half a year, but also to professionals relocated to the Czech Republic for a limited (short) period,” Stehno explains.

Besides fully furnished and serviced rooms, tenants can enjoy terraces with breathtaking views of Brno, a spacious lobby with a pool table, a Petrof piano, a chill-out zone, and a cooking area perfect for holding a common dinner or a birthday party.

An international community

There are mostly young experts living in Domeq so far, coming from Great Britain, the Netherlands, Japan or Argentina, for example,” the Foreigners Co-founder says.

I chose to live in Domeq due to the convenience of having everything included in one easy monthly payment, with no bills or bureaucracy to think about, and the monthly contract is a huge bonus. I have lived here for the last few months and what makes it different is the community in the building. We play pool, watch movies, and cook together every week. I have met some true lifelong friends here,” says the traveler Carl who has been staying in Domeq the last few months. He is originally from Great Britain, but has lived in 6 countries in the past 13 years and came to Brno to get his pilot’s license.

Practical and inspiring lofts at Cyrilska

Beyond Domeq, Foreigners exclusively also offer lofts located on Cyrilska street in Brno. Their name is Cyrilska Loft Apartments. The building has seven light and airy apartments that are situated close to the city center and are being finished right now, with availability as of May 1st. Car and bike sharing is included for free and they are just an added value to the benefits of the great location and the full furnishings.

On top of that, we are right next to Impact Hub. Freelancers and professionals can walk to the co-working space in slippers easily,” suggests Stehno while smiling. He, personally, has loved civil engineering since he was a child and so has enjoyed participating in the development of the projects, making them more attractive by finalizing the little details with the developer. Foreigners themselves have an apartment building in their possession so they know very well how lessors feel. The agency has also been preparing its own project in Brno with entirely reconstructed flats for sale.

Are you an owner yourself? Have you built an apartment or a residential complex to rent? Contact Foreigners. They take care of everything – consultation on the project, promotion, and the signed contract with your tenant.









More about Domeq here. About Cyrilska Loft Apartments here and news for expats in the Czech Republic on Facebook Foreigners.
Description and sources of the photos:
Introductional photo: the exterior of Domeq (source: CTP)
Community space – a spacious lobby meant for meeting friends or co-tenants (source: CTP)
Domeq double room – top floor rooms in Domeq with a wonderful view of Brno (source: CTP)

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