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Adéla Ivan Jansová

Adéla Ivan Jansová |

PR & Media Communication

Adéla Karlovská

Adéla Karlovská |

Personal Growth, Enhancement of Managerial Skills and Abilities, Leadership, Coaching, Time Management, NLP and Psychosomatics

Adriana Biegunová

Adriana Biegunová |

Business Development, Crowdfunding, Investiment, Sales, Coaching

Alena Líškay Králíková

Alena Líškay Králíková |

PR & Media Communication, Team Management & Development

Alena Ptáčková

Alena Ptáčková |

Coaching, Facilitation. Communication, Project management, Support of team development, Grant management

Aleš Baran

Aleš Baran |

Finance, business development

Alessandro Bassi

Alessandro Bassi |

Product Design, User Exeprience, Technical Architecture

Alice Jirásková

Alice Jirásková |

Marketing, PR, digitization, technology

Alžběta Axmann

Alžběta Axmann |

Team Management & Development, Facebook a social networks, HR

Andrea Basilová

Andrea Basilová |

Marketing, Communication, Business Development

Anna Fedosova

Anna Fedosova |

People Management, Building teams, Coaching, Human resources

Anna Schlindenbuch

Anna Schlindenbuch |

Marketing expert, Brand manager

Anna Vondráčková

Anna Vondráčková

Marketing and business management

Arnošt Matějka

Arnošt Matějka |

Business Development; B2B partner network; Trade abroad

Barbora Dubanská

Barbora Dubanská |

Pharma, FMCG, Digital, Law

Barbora Komberec Novosadová

Barbora Komberec Novosadová |

Impact measuring

Běla Beránková

Běla Beránková |

UX research, building the UX team and introducing UX competencies into the company

Bénédicte Madelin

Bénédicte Madelin |

Marketing, Project Management, Communication, Design Thinking

Bogdan Papara Popescu

Bogdan Papara Popescu

Branding, presentation skills, sales

Boris Dobiš

Boris Dobiš |

Management, Leadership, Communication, Sales

Brian Fonville

Brian Fonville |


Bronislav Růžička

Bronislav Růžička |

Project Management, Engineering & Product Developent, Design Thinking, Coaching

Cecilia Marinova

Cecilia Marinova |

Start up, Business development, Marketing, Sales

Christophe Beaujard

Christophe Beaujard |

Mentor, Business development

Dalibor Tomko

Dalibor Tomko |

Innovation design

Dana Paděrová

Dana Paděrová |

Crowdfunding, Reward Crowdfunding

Daniel Gamrot

Daniel Gamrot |

Team management and development, Technology, Personal time management and productivity

Daniel Marek

Daniel Marek |

VC / angel fundraising M&A, Corporate Strategic Relations, Anonymized Corporate Constellations for Strategic Decisions

Daniel Vach

Daniel Vach |

Startup, Financial Management, Business development

Daniela Kunz

Daniela Kunz |

Project management, Process management, Change management, Time management and personal productivity, Teamwork, Digital wellbeing

Danuše Kulhánková

Danuše Kulhánková |

Business Development, Crowdfunding, Sales, Marketing, Presentation, Product management, Coaching

David Kovalský

David Kovalský |

Business development

David Miklas

David Miklas |

Business Development, Team Management & Development, Presentation, Product management, Technology, Coaching, Výroba

David Skoupý

David Skoupý |

Marketing, Business development

David Svoboda

David Svoboda |

Presentation skills, Graphic design for non-designers, Visual communication

David Žvak

David Žvak |

Business plan & model, Startups finance management, Fundraising

Denis Šuško

Denis Šuško |

Solution architecture in Salesforce, Project and Product Management

Dimitrios Vlasakudis

Dimitrios Vlasakudis


Dominik Michna

Dominik Michna |

Product strategy and vision

Dušan Matuška

Dušan Matuška |

Project Management, Sales, Validation

Emmanuel Chilaud

Emmanuel Chilaud |

Social Business, Strategic management, Team leadership, Project management

Eva Dibitanzlová

Eva Dibitanzlová |

Sales, Investment and finance, Business development, Coaching

Eva Pitrová

Eva Pitrová

HR, Human capital development

Eva Vejvodová

Eva Vejvodová |

Strategic Marketing and Company Culture Consultant

Evgeny Dolgunow

Evgeny Dolgunow

Sales, business development, presentation

Filip Benda

Filip Benda |

UX/UI (sexy interfaces that people know), Design Thinking, Expert Review, UX Research (user research and testing)

Filip Dřímalka

Filip Dřímalka

Business development, digital innovation, marketing, partnership

Filip Major

Filip Major |

Coaching, Business Development, Crowfunding, Sales, Shared Market

Filip Maleňák

Filip Maleňák |

IT, Mobile applications, IRS, Rescue service

Filip Mikschik

Filip Mikschik

Team member picking, bootstraping, customer experience, HR marketing

Filip Rameš

Filip Rameš |

Project evaluation

Georgiy Zhytar

Georgiy Zhytar |

Blockchain, Technology, Team Management & Development, Product management

Hana Adamcová

Hana Adamcová |

Marketing, Business & Sales, Consultations & Practical Advice (web & e-shop)

Hana Hejsková

Hana Hejsková |

PR & crisis communication with media and in-house: identification of communication risks, preparation of crisis scenarios

Hana Kubátová

Hana Kubátová |

Marketing, Business Development Coaching, NLP

Hana Urbanová

Hana Urbanová |

Capacity building, project management, monitoring of the impact of publicly beneficial activities

Honza Kopecký

Honza Kopecký |

Web development, G Suite, Mailchimp, WordPress

Ivan Lukšíček

Ivan Lukšíček |

Intellectual Property Protection, Patents, Trademarks, Research

Ivana Rosenzweigová

Ivana Rosenzweigová |

Law, Social Business

Ivka Štefková

Ivka Štefková |

NGOs, Psychology, Service Design

Ivo Ptáčník

Ivo Ptáčník |

Business Development, Team Management & Development, Marketing, Sales, Presentation, Product management, Customer service

Ivo Ščuka

Ivo Ščuka |

Business Development, Marketing SEO + PPC + Social Networking, Sales, Management

Jakub Domitra

Jakub Domitra |

Business Development, Investment & Financing, Presentation

Jakub Heikenwälder

Jakub Heikenwälder

Project management, Talent management, Business models, DEsign and redesign of business model, business plan creation, team function setting.

Jakub Kočí

Jakub Kočí

Investment & Financing, Running Businesses

Jakub Lorenc

Jakub Lorenc |

Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Facebook a social networks, Coaching

Jakub Nosek

Jakub Nosek |

Business development, organisation and processes, efectivity, management

Jakub Splavec

Jakub Splavec |

Presentation, PR & Media Communication, Marketing, Social Networks

Jakub Štogr

Jakub Štogr

Project management, information systems

Jakub Talaš

Jakub Talaš |

IT Product Direction, Prioritization and Leadership of IT Product Development, Linux Platform

Jakub Tomoszek

Jakub Tomoszek |

Leadership, CX (Customer Experience), Presentation Creation, Marketing

Jan Dohnal

Jan Dohnal |

Intellectual property law, Trademarks, Domain names, Business Development

Jan Horna

Jan Horna |

Web design, online marketing

Jan Kelča

Jan Kelča |

HealthCare & IT

Jan Kovanda

Jan Kovanda |

Marketing strategy, Business development

Jan Mašek

Jan Mašek

Business development

Jan Sedláček

Jan Sedláček


Jan Školník

Jan Školník |

CEO, owner at HOBRA - Skolnik s.r.o.

Jan Václav Čep

Jan Václav Čep

Connect, enable, accelerate

Jan Veselý

Jan Veselý

Lean startup

Jan Ženíšek

Jan Ženíšek |

Business & IT consulting, business transformation, green field SW development

Jana Ecksteinová

Jana Ecksteinová |


Jana Hřebecká

Jana Hřebecká |

Circular economy, service design, presentation

Jana Kamarytová

Jana Kamarytová |

General Management, Corporate Culture, HR, Recruitment

Jana Neuwerthová Šmýdová

Jana Neuwerthová Šmýdová |

Strategic Management, Team Preparation for Change

Jana Peffková

Jana Peffková

Strategic planning, brand building, effective communication

Jana Švarná

Jana Švarná |

Talents and available sites, Team compatibility, Personal development, Balance and Stress management, Creativity

Jana Trdá

Jana Trdá |

Strategy, innovation, product, application,

Jaroslav Trojan

Jaroslav Trojan |

Investment, business development, finance, marketing, sales

Jaume Cunill

Jaume Cunill |

Innovation, Leadership, Strategy, International business development, Marketing, Fundraising

Jenda Žáček

Jenda Žáček |

Business Development, Marketing, PR & Media Communication, Presentation, Facebook and social networks

Jindřich Dohnal

Jindřich Dohnal

Business Developer, Manager and Coach at FBE PRAHA s.r.o.

Jindřich Fialka

Jindřich Fialka

Human Centred Design, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Product Development, Business Development

Jiří Bréďa

Jiří Bréďa

Presentation skills

Jiří Chomát

Jiří Chomát

E-commerce, business strategy, product design

Jiří Hušek

Jiří Hušek |

Investment management, reality and business pricing

Jiří Langr

Jiří Langr

Team management and development, marketing, business modelling, process development, project management, digital and web projects

Jiří Panuška

Jiří Panuška |

Business planning, finance leadership

Jiří Smetana

Jiří Smetana

Business development, project management, cost accounting, key indicators.

JIří Švec

JIří Švec |

MVP definition, startup expert, value creation before seed investment, software companies development

Jiří Svoboda

Jiří Svoboda


Jiří Tauer

Jiří Tauer |

Business and Sales, Team Leadership, Real Estate, Visionary

Jitka Hrůzová

Jitka Hrůzová |

Branding, Graphic Design, Visual Strategy, Marketing

Jitka Zoderová

Jitka Zoderová |

Business Development, Business & Sales, Strategy

Joanna	Brzezińska-Wajda

Joanna Brzezińska-Wajda |

Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Project Management, Product Management, UX/UI, Mobile applications, Web applications, Web Platforms, Funding & Grants

Josef Bátrla

Josef Bátrla |

Information technology law, personal data protection, e-commerce, start-up law and other business rights

Josef Slavíček

Josef Slavíček |

Branding & Design & Development of mobile and web apps

Josef Tůša

Josef Tůša |

Team skills development: communication, delegation, feedback / Working with priorities (timemanagement)

Jozef Vodička

Jozef Vodička

Business development

Kamil Demuth

Kamil Demuth |

E-commerce, Marketing, Digital product

Kamil Pošvic

Kamil Pošvic |

Business Planning, Financial Management

Kamila Brandejsová

Kamila Brandejsová |

Management a rozvoj týmu, Marketing, Obchod a prodej, PR a komunikace s médii, Prezentace a prezentační dovednosti, Produktový management, Projektové řízení, Koučink

Karel Hejtmánek

Karel Hejtmánek

Business Development, Investment & Financing, Project management, Accounting & Taxes

Karel Parizek

Karel Parizek |

Marketing, Google, Google Ad Grants, nonprofit organizations, work with people

Karel Ryšavý

Karel Ryšavý |

Law, acquisitions

Karol Danko

Karol Danko |

Tech development, Team leading

Karol Veleba

Karol Veleba |

Business Development, Strategic Online Marketing, Business and Sales, Crisis Management

Katarína Fischerová

Katarína Fischerová |

Impact mamagement, Impact measurement, Coaching (individual and team)

Kateřina Grausová

Kateřina Grausová

Marketing, PR & Media Communication, Project management, NGO's

Kateřina Gruňová

Kateřina Gruňová

HR: position description, hiring proccess, candidate picking

Kateřina Gruňová

Kateřina Gruňová |

Headhunting, Executive Search, Recruitment, Consulting

Kateřina Jonášová

Kateřina Jonášová

PR a komunikace s médii, storytelling

Kateřina Kubová

Kateřina Kubová |

Marketing, PR & Media Communication, Copywriting, Idea making

Katka Kaláčová

Katka Kaláčová |

Team management and development, project coaching, workflow, team work

Klára Faiglová

Klára Faiglová |

Marketing, Social Media, Team Leadership

Klára Laudátová

Klára Laudátová |

Online marketing, performance marketing, brand communication

Kristian Gambiraža

Kristian Gambiraža |

Business development, Sales, Marketing, Coaching, Team Management & Development, Project management

Kristina Štěpánková

Kristina Štěpánková |

Business Development, Team Management & Development, Marketing, Sales, PR & Media Communication, Coaching

Kristýna Delmar

Kristýna Delmar |

Law, Accounting & Taxes

Ladislav Balon

Ladislav Balon |

Implementation and automation of processes, Project management, Technical / technological solutions, Business development

Lenka Filipová

Lenka Filipová |

Business development, marketing, management

Lenka Koukolová

Lenka Koukolová


Lenka Mrázová

Lenka Mrázová |

Business Development, Accounting & Taxes, Investment & Financing, Team Management & Development, Sales, Presentation, Project management, Coaching,

Lenka Ranochová

Lenka Ranochová |


Lenka Stárková

Lenka Stárková

Fundraising tutorials, video training interactions

Lenka Vláčilová

Lenka Vláčilová |

Project management

Libor Duchek

Libor Duchek |

Business Development, Team Management & Development , Sales, Presentation, Product management, Coaching

Libor Manda

Libor Manda |

Public Affairs; external relations; protection of personal data

Lubomír Rejda

Lubomír Rejda |

Business Development, Marketing, Product management

Lucie Hejhalová

Lucie Hejhalová |

Marketing, Leadership

Lucie Kudrnová

Lucie Kudrnová |

Communication, sales, marketing

Lucie Paulusová

Lucie Paulusová |

Marketing, HR Marketing

Lucie Přibylová

Lucie Přibylová |

Social Networking, Influencer Marketing, Content Creation and Strategy on Social Networks, Instagram, Facebook

Lucie Zaki

Lucie Zaki |

Marketing strategies, Marketing communication management, Setting up communication channels, Community building

Ludmila Daňková

Ludmila Daňková

Marketing, media, creative industry, leadership, branding, design

Lukáš Bednařík

Lukáš Bednařík |

Agile Practices and Methodologies, Team Leadership, Scrum, Kanban

Lukáš Cypra

Lukáš Cypra |

Business strategy and development, Sales

Lukáš Dadej

Lukáš Dadej |

Facebook marketing hero

Lukáš Havlásek

Lukáš Havlásek

IT, software development, e-commerce, project management, multiproject environment, cooperation, motivation, management

Lukáš Hrdlička

Lukáš Hrdlička

Presentation, sales pitch

Lukáš Konečný

Lukáš Konečný |

Investment & Financing, Startup consulting, Business plans, Business models, Corporate governance

Lukáš Novák

Lukáš Novák |

PR & Media Communication, Litigation PR

Lukáš Pokorný

Lukáš Pokorný

Marketing, UX, SEO, PPC

Lukáš Sokol

Lukáš Sokol |

Corporate finance, Personal finance, Contract management, Internal processes in the company

Luna May Shirley

Luna May Shirley |

Business Development, Marketing, Product management

Magdaléna Černá

Magdaléna Černá

Human resources, team

Magdaléna Čevelová

Magdaléna Čevelová |

Marketing, PR & Media Communication

Manu Chilaud

Manu Chilaud

Business Development

Marcel Láža

Marcel Láža

Business development, e-commerce, lean

Marcela Janíčková

Marcela Janíčková

Communication, Coaching, Presentation, Team Management & Development

Marek Havrda

Marek Havrda |

Hodnocení dopadu

Marek Sabo

Marek Sabo


Marek Vozka

Marek Vozka |

Coaching, NGO's

Marián Tomko

Marián Tomko |


Markéta Ubíková

Markéta Ubíková |

Project management, digital technologies

Marko Orel

Marko Orel |

Innovation management process, Effective team management, (Multitenant) Workspace management

Martin Bazala

Martin Bazala

Marketing strategy, Business development, Product management, Sales, Customer service

Martin Bosák

Martin Bosák |

Technical Architecture, Technologie, Koučink, Analýzy

Martin Boxan

Martin Boxan |

Team leadership, systematic leadership, project management, couching, social networks, addictions

Martin Dvořák

Martin Dvořák

Startup development, strategy development, investment and partnership, coaching

Martin Faith

Martin Faith |

Data, Reporting, Business Intelligence, Data Science

Martin Jahoda

Martin Jahoda |

Product Development, Portfolio Management, Product Marketing, Online Sales

Martin Kovařík

Martin Kovařík |

Design, interior, furniture, architecture

Martin Kunt

Martin Kunt |

Development of team cooperation, cultivation of leadership, brand marketing, effective communication, training of traders, marketing. store, communication.

Martin Marušinec

Martin Marušinec |

Brand identity, Brand Communication, Design & Communication Strategy

Martin May

Martin May |

Customer Experience, Idea Validation, Digital Product Management, Business Process Design

Martin Medek

Martin Medek


Martin Paleček

Martin Paleček


Martin Rozhoň

Martin Rozhoň |

Strategy, Ecommerce, Product Setup, Investment Preparation and Investor Search

Martin Tyšer

Martin Tyšer |

Investment & Financing, Accounting & Taxes, Team-management, Business planning

Martin Tyšer

Martin Tyšer

Accounting, taxes, finance and team management, strategy

Martin Žampach

Martin Žampach |

Industrial design, prototyping, innovation, construction

Martina Kemrová

Martina Kemrová |

Team Management & Development, Marketing, PR & Media Communication, Presentation

Martina Kočařová

Martina Kočařová |


Martina Vitezova

Martina Vitezova |

Value proposition, Presentation skills, Effective communication, Finance and work with investors, fundraising, Project management

Matěj Grödl

Matěj Grödl |

Legal services and legal advice.

Matej Krušpán

Matej Krušpán |

Sales and marketing, Marketing, General management, Business development

Matyáš Smutný

Matyáš Smutný |

Marketing, copywriting, branding, content creation

Michael Petrus

Michael Petrus |

Creative management and visual-creative business, freelancers, Crowdfunding, Project management, Technology

Michaela Garajová

Michaela Garajová |

Software law, intellectual property law, startup protection, personal data protection

Michaela Sladká

Michaela Sladká

PR & Media Communication, Presentation, Facebook and social networks

Michal Ciffra

Michal Ciffra |

Company pricing, M&A

Michal Gloger

Michal Gloger |

Medical Device Development

Michal Herkle

Michal Herkle |

Product and Business Development

Michal Holub

Michal Holub |

Personal development, leadership, coaching

Michal Kubín

Michal Kubín


Michal Šimon

Michal Šimon |

Cloud architecture, technological debt, idea validation

Michal Švácha

Michal Švácha |

Technology, Software architecture, Machine Learning, Facebook and social networks,

Michal Veselý

Michal Veselý |

Business leadership and development, Fundraising, Marketing, Sales

Michal Voráč

Michal Voráč |

Business Development, Technology

Michala Janatová

Michala Janatová |

Financial planning, Property consultancy, Investment consulting

Michala Pešková

Michala Pešková

Donation consulting, startup experience sharing

Milan Drahoňovský

Milan Drahoňovský |

Investment & Financing, Team Management & Development, Controlling, Business model verification

Milan Formánek

Milan Formánek |

Modern Marketing, Creativity, Content, Personal and Team Efficiency

Milan Kamarýt

Milan Kamarýt |

Business development, General management, New product strategy and marketing

Milan Markovič

Milan Markovič |

Marketing, Strategy, Web

Mirek Král

Mirek Král

Marketing and sales strategy

Mirek Spousta

Mirek Spousta |

Team development

Miroslav Samek

Miroslav Samek |

Data, Data Science

Miroslav Spousta

Miroslav Spousta |

Business Development, Coaching, Project Management, Team Management & Development

Monika Hořínková

Monika Hořínková |

PR & Media Communication, Marketing

Monika Máchová

Monika Máchová |

Coaching, Recruitment, HR

Nicolas Candy

Nicolas Candy

Accounting and taxes for international startups

Olga Dědinová

Olga Dědinová |

Business Development, Management a rozvoj týmu, Prezentace a prezentační dovednosti, Projektové řízení, Zákaznický servis, Koučink, Strategie

Olga Rudáková

Olga Rudáková |

Public speaking, storytelling, pitch and presentation preparation

Ondřej Červinka

Ondřej Červinka |

IT Development - web and mobile technology

Ondřej Klofáč

Ondřej Klofáč |

Business Developmentt, Marketing, Sales

Ondřej Krátký

Ondřej Krátký |

Start-up beginnings, bilateral marketplace, marketing strategy, publicity, customer servis, team development

Ondřej Macháček

Ondřej Macháček

Product Design, UX testing, Customer experience, Research

Ondřej Materna

Ondřej Materna

Business Development

Ondřej Mrkus

Ondřej Mrkus |

Business strategy, teamwork, talent management

Ondřej Sláma

Ondřej Sláma


Ondřej Staněk

Ondřej Staněk |

Elevator pitch, Presentation, Communication, Business plan

Ondřej Strava

Ondřej Strava


Ondřej Suchý

Ondřej Suchý |

Strategy and management system

Ondřej Vlach

Ondřej Vlach |

Business, Business Development, Coaching, Personal Development

Ondřej Zukal

Ondřej Zukal |

Lead Content Strategist, Digital innovation and transformation

Pavel Cyprich

Pavel Cyprich

Media communication

Pavel Jirsák

Pavel Jirsák |

Product management, Business development

Pavel Juruš

Pavel Juruš |

IT, Artificial Intelligence, Product Development

Pavel Kaminsky

Pavel Kaminsky |

PCI DSS, Payment card security

Pavel Mrázek

Pavel Mrázek |

Digital Marketing Strategist

Pavel Pulkráb

Pavel Pulkráb |

Project management, Business development, Marketing

Pavel Samčenko

Pavel Samčenko |

HCD, GDD, product management, UX

Pavel Železný

Pavel Železný

Vision, sales skills, networking

Pavla Burgos Tejrovská

Pavla Burgos Tejrovská |

Community mapping, Human-centered design

Pavla Lokajová

Pavla Lokajová |

PR & Media Communication, Coaching, Copywriting

Peter Tomko

Peter Tomko |

Marketing, Project Management, Data Analysis, Data Driven Decisions

Petr Freimann

Petr Freimann |

Marketing & PR Manager at Wunderman, Founder at BARD PR

Petr Hanzel

Petr Hanzel |

Crowdfunding, Reward Crowdfunding, Marketing, PR

Petr Holodňák

Petr Holodňák |

Agile management, motivation / engagement, corporate culture

Petr Jasinski

Petr Jasinski

Communication and presentation skills

Petr Joachim

Petr Joachim

Business development, team development

Petr Kačena

Petr Kačena |

Business Development, , Design thinking, Presentation, Project management, Coaching

Petr Skondrojanis

Petr Skondrojanis |

Business, HR

Petr Štědrý

Petr Štědrý |

Interaction Designer, User Researcher, Information Architect

Petr Vrzáček

Petr Vrzáček |

Mentor, Head of the Department of Management and Supervision in Social and Healthcare Organizations at Charles University

Petra Drahoňovská

Petra Drahoňovská |

CAREER DESIGNER | kariérový kouč & lektor I design kariérových aplikací & projektů & nástrojů

Petra Hamerská

Petra Hamerská |

Mediation, Conflict prevention, Nonviolent communication, Interpersonal relationships, Psychohygiene

Petra Hovorková

Petra Hovorková |

HR, learning and development, organizational development, coaching and mentoring

Radek Pucholt

Radek Pucholt |

Product management, Technology,

Radek Valach

Radek Valach |

Commercial and civil law, IT law, GDPR and AML

Radim Ušel

Radim Ušel

Purchase, business development, business and sales, marketing

Radovan Jansa

Radovan Jansa |

Google for Nonprofit, Google Workspace

Radovan Kožíšek

Radovan Kožíšek |

Team diagnosis and motivation, personal development, risk management, debt collection and credit risk management

Regina Kubcová

Regina Kubcová |

Business Development, Team Management & Development, Project management

Ricardo Monagas

Ricardo Monagas |

Product/Project Management, Software Development, Web Development, Mobile Development and UI/UX Design

Richard Fekete

Richard Fekete |

Financovanie, Imapact Investment, Fundraising/Crowdfunding, Marketing

Robert Pik

Robert Pik

Team development, soft skills

Robert Plicka

Robert Plicka |

Law & Tax, Business Development, Advocacy / Lobbying, Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Robert Tůma

Robert Tůma |

Project management, private investor

Roman Bartoň

Roman Bartoň

Team Management & Development, Marketing

Roman Žákovský

Roman Žákovský |

Business development, Communication, Presentation skills

Ryan Turner

Ryan Turner |

Strategic Planning, Fundraising, Impact Reporting, Business Communications, Impact Evaluation, Donor Communications, CSR, Public Policy, Philanthropy

Sandra Martinková

Sandra Martinková |

Legal advice, Law

Sara Livaja

Sara Livaja |

Sales, Business Development, Project management, Leadership

Šárka Veselá

Šárka Veselá |


Simona Bagarová

Simona Bagarová |

Team Management & Development, Marketing, PR & Media Communication, Presentation, Fundraising

Simona Bidlová

Simona Bidlová |

Management, Production, Process Management, Management

Simona Bodláková

Simona Bodláková |

Management a rozvoj týmu, Marketing, Koučink

Slavomir Michalenko

Slavomir Michalenko

Business management, Knowledge management, Soft skills

Soňa Parke

Soňa Parke |

Business development, project start-up

Stanislav Kutáček

Stanislav Kutáček |

Financial management, Business development, Strategy

Štěpán Drahokoupil

Štěpán Drahokoupil |

Advocacy, lobbing, strategic planning, system changes

Taťána Marie Nepustilová

Taťána Marie Nepustilová |

Mentoring, Business development, Leadership

Tatiana Shalunova

Tatiana Shalunova |

Photography, Personal Branding, Corporate Branding, Body Language

Tereza Grunvaldová

Tereza Grunvaldová |

Business Development, Project management, Fundraising

Tereza Houštecká

Tereza Houštecká |

Recruitment, Employer Brand, Social networks, Event management, Age management,

Tobiáš Vybíral

Tobiáš Vybíral

Graphic design, customer flow, marketing communication

Tomáš Barčík

Tomáš Barčík

Startup management, marketing, marcom, brand management, PR, business intelligence and analysis

Tomáš Buchwaldek

Tomáš Buchwaldek

Business planning, project and strategy planning, sales - account management and acquisitions

Tomáš Ditrych

Tomáš Ditrych |

Legal Services, Business Development

Tomáš Hořejší

Tomáš Hořejší |

Financial Coaching and Management for Start-Up Businesses, Business and Financial Plans, Stress Management.

Tomáš Petrů

Tomáš Petrů |

Creating a successful strategy, How to win and retain customers, Brand building and communication, Effective project management

Tomáš Svěrák

Tomáš Svěrák |

Marketing, User Experience Design

Tomáš Tykva

Tomáš Tykva |

Consultancy, education, management, data mining

Tomáš Vaníček

Tomáš Vaníček

Finance, Business Models, Sales

Valery Senichev

Valery Senichev |

Social business, community projects, career and career development projects, diversity management and CSR.

Veronika Harrison

Veronika Harrison |

Prototyping, Product Development, Business strategy, Business Development

Veronika Jozifová

Veronika Jozifová |

Online marketing, communication strategy, idea maker, Facebook Ads

Veronika Modravá

Veronika Modravá |

Strategic HR

Veronika Pačesová

Veronika Pačesová |

Grants, Fundraising, Project management

Veronika Senciová

Veronika Senciová |

Video, Presentations, Training

Viktor Lelek

Viktor Lelek |

Strategic marketing, branding, creating a strategy for setting up a project or communication.

Viktória Pikovská

Viktória Pikovská |

Business Development, Strategic Partnerships, Project Management, Business Strategy

Vít Svojše

Vít Svojše |

Web, Design, User Experience

Vladimír Čtveráček

Vladimír Čtveráček |

Business Development, business, finance, crisis management.

Vladimír Skórka

Vladimír Skórka


Vladislav Skoumal

Vladislav Skoumal |

Mobile applications, web applications, software development, consulting

Vojtěch Bruk

Vojtěch Bruk |

Social entrepreneurship, Lecturing, Leadership, Finance

Vojtěch Buchar Benda

Vojtěch Buchar Benda |

Facilitation, Conflict Prevention and Resolution, Effective Communication, Methodology of Education

Vráťa Čermák

Vráťa Čermák |

Team management and development

Zbyněk Haindl

Zbyněk Haindl |


Zdenek Lozias

Zdenek Lozias |

Marketing, UX/Product, Branding, Sales Funnels

Zdeňka Havrlíková

Zdeňka Havrlíková |

Project Development & Management I Grant Advice I Personal and Career Coaching

Zoltan Vardy

Zoltan Vardy |

Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Team management

Zuzana Dudková

Zuzana Dudková |

Coaching, Team Leadership, Facilitation, Mediation

Zuzana Hudeková

Zuzana Hudeková |

Climate change adaptation, Low carbon development, Vulnerability assessment of environmental settlements, Green infrastructure, Biodiversity protection

Zuzana Kovářová

Zuzana Kovářová |

Experienced Recruiter, Headhunter and Coach

Zuzana Maderová

Zuzana Maderová |

Business Development, Marketing, Expansion Management

Zuzana Ševčíková

Zuzana Ševčíková |

Marketing & PR, Business Development, Project Management

Zuzana Stošić Prediger

Zuzana Stošić Prediger |

Business/People Development & Management, Sales, Crisis Management, Marketing, Coaching

Zuzana Vydrová

Zuzana Vydrová |

Business Development, Strategy, Change Management / Project Management, Business Case

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